Ramp/Wild Leek Season is in Full Swing!

Spring Ramps

Spring Ramps

After some early spring warm temps, our hopes were high for an early start to ramp season in the southeast.  Well, leave it to Mother Nature to fool US again.  The warm spell was followed by several weeks of chillier than normal weather, which delayed the start of the harvest, but fortunately, all good things come to those who wait – and that includes ramps.  Now, as we near the end of April, ramp season is well underway and has moved north into Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York and elsewhere.

Here’s something important to remember: whether you harvest ramps yourself or purchase them from foragers or produce companies, make sure that they are harvested responsibly. Don’t buy from unscrupulous ramp harvesters who over-pick ramp patches, damaging pristine and productive wild habitats that may take many years to recover.  If you harvest your own ramps, don’t pick more than 10% to 20% of a thriving patch, leaving plenty behind to reproduce, guaranteeing sustainable harvests for generations to come.

Happy picking and full baskets to all!

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