It’s Spring! (or is it?)

Wow, one thing we’ve learned to expect in regards to spring weather is the unexpected.  Late season snowstorms in the Cascades and across the Upper Midwest and East Coast, torrential rain in the South… what we think of as normal spring weather isn’t really that normal.

The good news is that the crazy weather seems to be mostly behind us (at the moment), and the spring harvest is ON!  The season for ramps/wild leeks was delayed by cooler than normal temperatures, but our foraging friends in Ohio and Michigan are finally harvesting beautiful,  pungently flavored “early” ramps.  Though slender and small now, they are among the tastiest ramps of the season.

Just kidding… or am I?

Morel mushrooms dominate the dreams of many a wild food fan.  Naturals/conicas and tiny orchard morels from Northern California and the Pacific Northwest are coming onto the market in increasing numbers.  If you’re in the area, head for the hills; you might just strike mushroom gold.

As of this moment, morel season has not yet begun in Michigan and other hotspots in the Upper Midwest, although some sightings have been reported in Southern Illinois, Ohio and Indiana.  The right amount of rain, warmer days and cool nights should start things to popping soon.

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